Three articles on María Rosa Gálvez






Here are three articles republished by Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes in 2012.

  •  “Breaking Chains: Language and Slavery in María Rosa Gálvez’s Zinda (1804).” Dieciocho.  20.2(Fall 1997): 263-272 .
  • “Crying Out for Feminine (Un)Happiness: María Rosa Gálvez’s Search For Sapphic Immortality.” Women Writers in the Spanish Enlightenment: The Pursuit of Happiness.  Aldershot, Hants, England and Burlington, Vt.: Ashgate Publishers, 2004. 97-152
  • “The Tearful Reunion of Divided Femininity in María Rosa Gálvez’s Neoclassic Theater.” Letras Peninsulares.  9.2(Fall 1996):  205-216.

Part of the digital collection María Rosa de Gálvez, Helena Establier, editor. Universidad de Alicante, 2012.

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