The Junta de Damas on Wikipedia: An Undergraduate Research Team

In the spring of 2022, four students set out to learn about and create wikipedia pages in English about topics related to Spain’s first women’s civic organization, the Junta de Damas. After doing their research, students expanded and improved an existing article in English, which is parallel to another existing article in Spanish, but not exactly the same. In fall 2022 two of the team members continued on to publish two more articles on the Madrid orphanage the Inclusa, and a group of schools for working class girls, the Escuelas patrióticas (Patriotic Schools) both run by the Junta de Damas. Those two students are using the wikipedia project as jumping off points to pursue their own interests for their senior honors theses, which will involve a research trip to the archives in Madrid.

Here are the approved wikipedia pages:

Junta de Damas: By Madeline Killian, Clare Lewis, Julia May, and Liliana Ramírez

Escuelas Patrióticas (Patriotic Schools): by Julia May. Pending Wikipedia review

The Inclusa of Madrid by Madeline Killian. Pending Wikipedia review.