Routledge Companion to the Hispanic Enlightenment

Routledge Companion to the Hispanic Enlightenment. Edited by Mónica Bolufer, Catherine
Jaffe, and Elizabeth Franklin Lewis. Routledge, 2020.

The Routledge Companion to the Hispanic Enlightenment is an interdisciplinary volume that brings together an international team of contributors to provide a unique transnational overview of the Hispanic Enlightenment, integrating both Spain and Latin America.

Challenging the usual conceptions of the Enlightenment in Spain and Latin America as mere stepsisters to Enlightenments in other countries, the Companion explores the existence of a distinctive Hispanic Enlightenment.

The interdisciplinary approach makes it an invaluable resource for students of Hispanic studies and researchers unfamiliar with the Hispanic Enlightenment, introducing them to the varied aspects of this rich cultural period including the literature, visual art, and social and cultural history.