Spanish 320G: Service and Social Action in Spain and Latin America

This topics-in-culture course, taught for the first time in Spring of 2013, examines the culture of service and social action in Spain and Latin America as a response to various social problems such as poverty, socio-political inequality, disability, and racial inequality. Advanced intermediate students (who have completed Spanish 202 or 205 at Mary Washington) read important literary and non-literary texts in Spanish, watch films in Spanish and English, and study important works of art, while at the same time they complete 42 site hours of service learning, also earning them UMW experiential learning credit for the course.   Through small group oral reflection and individual reflection papers, this course both helps students develop their oral and written skills in Spanish, while it encourages them to connect their academic study with their own experiences outside the classroom.

Here is the syllabus as I taught it Spring 2016.

Español 320G Syllabus 2016

Recently I proposed the course as a permanent course in the Spanish major, Spanish 321.

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